Do you use GPS on your phone to get around? Have you ever used it while you were walking to get somewhere?

I think it’s a lot easier to use it in the car than walking because in a car you can find out real quick which way you are going on the map. When you are walking, you may have to go 25 or 30 steps before you see that you started going the wrong way. I’ll look at my GPS and wonder, which direction are we going?

But when I ask that question for churches, I’m not thinking about vision, strategic planning, or long range goals. I’m thinking this: Are we moving inward or outward? More specifically, are we only asking those outside to come in, or are we asking those inside to go out?

I like this quote from Reclaiming Glory (I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago), “We don’t have block parties to get people from the community into our building, we have block parties to get the people in our buildings into the lives of the people in the community.”

Which direction are we going?

God bless
Steve Brazzel

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