Years ago, on my first overseas mission trip to South Korea, we were walking the streets of Seoul with a local pastor, knocking open doors and sharing the gospel. That’s not a typo. We were knocking on doors with a force that would cause the doors to open and we said, “Hello, is anybody in there?”

I’ve since learned how important it is to walk through open doors to bring the gospel because you never know how long those doors will remain open.

In the summer of 2006 I was in Syria for a couple of weeks, working with a team of missionaries from Chicago, Germany, and South Korea. We went from Damascus to Aleppo, to Homs, to Palmyra. We shared the gospel on the streets and in the mosques. Today all of those places are closed to Americans, and to any missionaries. I’m thankful that while the door was open believers were faithfully walking through with the gospel.

Even as Syria closed, the Lord opened another way more broadly to take the gospel to the Muslim world. The diaspora of Muslims across Europe has created multiple opportunities to share the gospel with many who are seeking peace and security. Next week I’ll be going back to Athens, Greece with a mission team to work with local ministries reaching Syrian, Afghan, and Iranian refugees. We’ll be walking through more open doors, bringing the gospel with us. Would you please pray for our team? Would you even be willing to pray daily while we are in Greece? If you would like to receive prayer updates from us while we are in Greece click on the link below and sign up to join our prayer team.

Join our Greece Prayer Team

God bless,
Steve Brazzel

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