To the Pastors of UBA,
The greatest impact occurs when the church goes into the community instead of waiting for the community to come into the church. We want to provide opportunities each year for our churches to go together into the community. In 2019 one of these opportunities is the Huntington Catfish Festival.

The 2019 Catfish Festival will be October 5 in Centennial Park in Huntington. It will be the 5th year for this event. Last year a little over 6,000 people came and organizers expect it to grow in 2019. What a great opportunity for churches in our association to share the message of the gospel and connect with those who need a savior.

We are inviting the churches of Unity Baptist Association to participate together through use of the UBA Block Party Trailer. We already have reserved 5 spots at the festival to set up our block party. We’ll need churches to help staff the event throughout the day, passing out water and playing games with the kids.

We’ll also have an evangelism team working throughout the day. We are bringing in Richard Sharp, a terrific personal evangelist, to train our teams and lead out in our evangelism efforts. We will also have basic contact information on all the churches in UBA. This evangelistic outreach has the potential to spark revival across Polk and Angelina counties. Please pray and join in as we seek to impact our community with the gospel.

To prepare for this huge event we are putting together a leadership team from the churches. Fred Smith from FBC, Huntington is leading this team.

Here are my questions for you:

  • Would you lead your church to pray for this event over the next few months?
  • Would you commit to being part of this outreach event?
  • Would you lead your church to help staff the booth?
  • Is there a contact person in your church that we can work with as we plan and execute this event?
  • Would you give us their contact information?
  • Is there someone in your church that would be an asset to this leadership team (volunteer or staff member)? We are looking for about 10 people.
  • Would you give us information so we can contact that person about joining our leadership team?

Please email Steve Brazzel the contact information of someone who could serve on our leadership team. Fred Smith will contact them from that point.

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