Dear Churches of Unity Baptist Association,

​On behalf of the DOM Search Committee, I am pleased to announce that our recommendation is that Steve Brazzel be hired as our permanent DOM. We initially brought on Steve to be our interim and to help us with the transition of resetting our association’s philosophy and strategy. Steve has done an outstanding job with that, and over the last six months we have had opportunity to observe his character, passion, vision and ministry skills. Our unanimous conviction is that he is the leader we need to revitalize our association. We are encouraged in that under his leadership we have already seen God begin to turn around UBA.

​There will be a special called Executive Board meeting on Monday, June 24 at 7:00 at First Baptist Church, Corrigan to consider this recommendation. Upon the Executive Board’s approval, we will have a special time of installation and a reception in his honor. Please make every effort to be there.

​Upon the association’s approval, Steve will continue his current work schedule (part-time, Sundays through Tuesdays) and salary ($3,000 per month plus reimbursement for his lodging, mileage and meals). This arrangement is due to our present giving level. The plan is to challenge our churches to increase their giving and in 2020 move Steve to ¾ by the first of the year and then fulltime by June. Thanks for your continued prayers for Unity Baptist Association.

Darryl Smith – Chairman
Committee Members: Dale Jackson, Mary Rice, Alan Bramlett, David Jones, Keith Bickley, Robert Jones and Tom Owens

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