But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8

Usually, when we “fall in love” with someone we are in love with the best of that person. We present our best to one another. Ladies put on the make-up and do their hair. Guys take showers for a change and put on the cologne. We ignore their idiosyncrasies, or tell ourselves they are cute. But slowly the truth will come out. Real love is caring for the guy that hogs the remote control, who leaves dirty socks on the floor, whose little idiosyncrasies drive you absolutely crazy. Love doesn’t wait for the other to deserve kind treatment, it sacrifices for the other, it knows the truth and is still generous and forgiving. Love, sacrificial love, compassionate love is what God unleashed on the cross.

The Father knew who we were when He sent His Son to the cross. He had no mistaken idea of how we would respond, yet He sent His Son anyway. When Christ died for us we had made no indication that we were ready to repent. We were still alienated from Him and cared nothing for His attention or affection. Yet He loved us.

And when He poured out the expanse of His love to us on that dark afternoon, the Power of the Cross changed everything for us. The cross did things for us that nothing else could. The cross, then and now, works powerfully on our behalf.

May we never forget the power of the cross.

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