The last Sunday in July I had the privilege of preaching at this church in London. Cross Street Baptist Church is in the midst of a revitalization effort. Started by Charles Spurgeon, their pastor today is Nestor from Venezuela. Nestor has been there six years and the church has grown from only a few to about 40-45 in worship with lots of young families and children. But it’s in a tough place, where only about 1% of the people attend any church and even fewer attend an evangelical church.

I had a long visit with a family who are concerned about the local public schools. Across England this year they will be teaching the LGBTQ agenda in all grades down to first year students. The culture is moving from post-Christian to anti-Christian.

And yet, there are victories. We met pastor after pastor with a burning desire to see people won to Christ. As the culture becomes like the 1st century we are reminded that the gospel did well in the first century.

Would you pray with me for the UK, for Baptist churches, and other evangelical churches, struggling but hoping to reach their communities with the gospel? Would you pray that God would raise up a generation that would long for Him, that would go to the ends of the earth with the gospel of peace, hope, and love?

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