The way we do church changed drastically in March. Shutdowns implemented as the coronavirus outbreak began forced most of our churches to move exclusively online with some pastors delivering their first video messages ever. Churches were quick to adapt to this forced change. Facebook pages sprung up, youtube accounts were opened, and schedules changed almost overnight. It was amazing to watch.

One of the other changes that happened in many churches was the advent of online giving. Many sent checks through the mail or dropped them off at the church office, but many others adopted the click and give method. Whether through the church website, a church app, or an email link, thousands began making their regular tithe digitally for the first time.

I’ve been doing it for a long time. It is convenient for me, especially because I’m rarely in attendance at my home church on Sunday morning. I can also give when I get my check instead of waiting for Sunday. It makes it easier for me to give from the first fruits instead of the left overs. In fact, I just did it! Took me about 20 seconds.

In my conversations with pastors who’ve started online giving they find that their congregations adapted easily to the option and almost all said their overall giving went up. That was in large part to those who were able to give even when they weren’t in attendance. Work schedules, illness, family events, vacations all keep us from 100% attendance. With online worship available we don’t have to miss worship and online giving means we can still participate in giving our tithe as well.

But throughout our association we have seen how faithful our church members are supporting their churches. Whether it was giving online or personally delivering a check, most of our churches have seen steady giving even when they weren’t meeting together. This is a great testimony to the faithfulness of believers and the trust you have in the Lord to get your through everything.

While giving to UBA dropped in March and April we have seen a good increase the past six weeks. We did finally receive the SBA PPP loan which will help us make up the difference from the low months. With continued strong support from our churches we expect to go full steam ahead through the rest of 2020. I’m looking forward to the next several months as we continue to implement our church focused vision of helping our churches be healthy, engage the world, and revitalize.

If your church needs help implementing an online presence or online giving please give us a call.

God bless,

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