The #21DAY Challenge is an opportunity for you and your church to elevate the act of evangelism as we get closer to Easter Sunday. The challenge is simple:

  1. Commit to pray everyday beginning on March 23, for God to open doors for you to share your faith,
  2. Commit to share your faith at least one time in 21 days OR Commit to share your faith 1 time every 7 days for 21 days.

Every day, beginning March 23, we’ll have a short devotional posted on our Unity Baptist Association facebook page. If you share your faith that day, comment with the first name of the person you talked to, regardless of their decision. If you are praying for opportunities to share, like the page that day.

The only purpose is to encourage our churches, our members, to share the gospel. Easter is a great chance to let people know the true hope for new life. Let’s take the gospel to our communities. Let’s be purposeful in how we reach out. Let’s pray and go!

You can download the artwork HERE for use in your church.

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