2020I know you’ve already seen it, thought it, read it, heard it, gotten tired of it, but here you go one more time: It’s 2020 and we need to have 20/20 vision as we move into the new year. There. I said it. I’ve joined the masses. 🙂

And then there is this: I’m that guy who says, “This isn’t a new decade. It’s the last year of the decade. A new decade starts in 2021, because the first year of the decade is 1, not 0.”

With all that said, “Welcome to a new decade!”

For Unity Baptist Association the new year means all the talk over the last 18 months or so about transition and new vision must now become action.  As 2020 begins we are going to be laser focused on three things: Church Health, Church Engagement, and Church Revitalization. We’ve even reworked our website once again to emphasize these three things.

You’ll see events, trainings, service and mission opportunities, and more over the next year addressing each of these things. We want our churches to be better, stronger, healthier, more engaged than ever because we know that strong churches make an eternal difference in communities, institutions, families, and individuals. Unity Baptist Association is all about the kingdom. Working together, fellowshipping together, cooperating together we will grow the kingdom and bring glory to the King of kings.

Let’s work together this year to build the kingdom!

God bless,